Mat Stokes



Mat Stokes is a rough and rowdy multi-instrumentalist singer, specializing in old-timey blues, rags, jazz, and traditional American songstery.

Though often claiming to have written these tunes himself, his repertoire covers a wide swath of influence from Blind Blake to Charlie Poole and Armstrong, hopping across unlikely genres in between akin to a highly curated runaway train.

Songs about love, whiskey, dice games, and death, paint a picture as true as his era costume and gear. These songs take you back to a time when it was all played live by rambling musicians moving from town to town. He’s rambled all around.

Mat’s terrible jokes and foot stomping, fun delivery has wowed literally dozens of audience members over the past 20 some odd years. He has played to many open mics, bars, house parties, and burlesque reviews in the North Bay and New England areas. Recently he had a taste of festival experiences and is most excited and willing to continue down that path.